Thursday, April 19, 2012

breakfast bars

i'm very excited to say i found another healthy breakfast idea for us!
my mom would sometimes make these grape nuts cereal bars for us when i was younger and i always tried to find the recipe since i've been out on my own with no luck and then, finally, I FOUND ONE!
i don't think it's the same exact one but it's super easy and super tasty so i don't mind!
ingredients you need are...
grape nuts bars 2
don't you like that i'm super cheap and all my food is walmart brand?? except the peanut butter, you can't skimp on the important stuff people!
so you can find the recipe i used here but really all you do is boil the honey and pb together for a little bit and then throw everything together.
i told you it was easy!
and then you have these delicious little nutty bars!
grape nuts bars 1
they're a little carby for a ketogenic diet but since i'm kinda dancing on the keto/non-keto line i think they're just right for me on those days i need a little somethin somethin extra in the morning or for a snack.
and the recipe makes a lot!
i cut them into a bunch of bars and froze half of them so we don't eat them all in one week.
next time i think i might throw in some different kinds of fruit and use crunchy pb instead of creamy!


matt said...

Walmart owns us.

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