Friday, April 13, 2012

downright laughable

so remember how i'm allergic to everything?
and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING?!
and remember when my allegicness graduated to the next level and just became downright laughable?
beware of the disgustingness of the photo below people.

it seems like every time i spend 20+ minutes outdoors the past couple weeks i start breaking out in hives.
they start out really small, a few here and there on my wrists and then within minutes they'll be all over my arms and chest causing me to have to leave whatever event we are at and rush home to down some allergy meds and coat myself in hydrocortisone cream so i don't scratch myself to shreds.
it's not a pretty picture people.
don't believe me?
this was me last night after taking Padme on a 30ish minute walk.
hives all over both arms.
it was so bad Matt asked me if we had to go to the hospital and Matt is totally against going to the hospital so i knew it had to look pretty bad for him to ask that.
and i haven't told you the craziest part yet!
whatever is causing these hive breakouts is purely airborne!
and i know this because exactly where my sleeve hit on my arm is where the hives stopped.
you could literally see a line where the redness and hives were and where the paleness of my normal skin was under my shirt sleeve.

so...if anybody out there is an expert in airborne pollen or knows of some kind of alien virus that only causes extra cool people to burst out in hideous hives please HELP ME!


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