Friday, April 20, 2012

awesome possum

awesomeness from this week!
a puppy through a fisheye lens.
i told you i was addicted.
exercise bike
my new BFF!
we sold our treadmill and bought this little beauty and i am in LOVE!
since i'm lucky enough to have asthma i can't be on a treadmill for longer than a few minutes without almost dying but this baby let's me get a good workout without needing a trip to the hospital.
love love love it!
i won the versatile blogger award from Rachel!
she was so sweet to include me!
if you want to see a super adorable baby then head on over to her blog!
blue planet
been watching lots of blue planet this week and words cannot express how much i love it!
this show can instantly change me from a grumpy gus to the happiest girl on earth! 
boyfriend list
this perfect boyfriend list should be titled Matt list!
he even buys me candy!
 which leads me to my next item...
rolo love
i don't know why stores had to be so mean and start selling candy in mini sizes that makes me want them even more!
there's something about these mini guys that calls to me and makes me want to eat ALL THE ROLOS!
nom nom nom!
this parody video of Fun's song We Are Young is insanely true and hilarious!
and that main singer looks like a crazy Brad Pitt and it freaks me out to the max!
absolute favorite part..."gonna stay at home and watch modern family".
p.s. go to 3:45 on the video.

have a fantabulous weekend everyone!!


Rachel said...

Whhhat?! Rolo Minis? I have never even heard of those before and now I'm craving them so bad!

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