Monday, April 16, 2012

Hobbes Stuffed Animal

so i FINALLY finished that Hobbes commission i've been working for-e-ver on and i must say, i was quite pleased with him when all was said and done!
Hobbes Commission 4
he's made with fleece and mostly sewn by machine and stuffed with fluffy poly-fil.
Hobbes Commission 5
Hobbes Commission 2
the stripes, eyes, nose and mouth are felt and all sewn on by hand which is what took the longest.
Hobbes Commission 1
i want to make another one just for me because he is so cuddle-rific!
p.s. Matt got the hint and bought me the olloclip i wanted!
get ready for a lot more fisheye pics from now on!
i'm obsessed!!!


AZ Larsens said...

I love the pictures!

Rachel said...

What a cute Hobbes!! Love the fisheye, too!
Also I wanted to let you know you've won the Versatile Blogger Award;
swing by
when you can to pick it up! :)

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