Thursday, May 24, 2012

high on thrifting thursday

so harpershappenings has been doing the BEST link up EVER!
it's called high on thrifting thursday or HOTT because, of course.
i've been drooling over all her amazing finds the past few weeks wishing i could make a trip to a thrift store and show off my own stuff and i finally did!!
now enjoy pictures of the goods. 

first off we have the dress. 
i always peruse the dress section at thrift stores even though i'm clearly a skirt and shirt kind of girl.
usually i don't find anything that catches my fancy but this dress won me over!
the bottom is this denim type of material which a jean-loving girl like me seriously cannot pass up!
the top part is a little whackadoodle though so this dress will soon be getting a makeover.
stay tuned for that!

next we have the classic shorts trick.
buy a pair of jeans, or in my case an ugly pair of capris
(hello disgusting Goodwill floor!)
and turn them into amazing shorts that will keep you slightly less ridiculously hot during arizona's brutal summer.

and last but not least, i've been searching stores everywhere for cute scarves to put on my head and found this beauty!
me + polka dots = love eternal

i seriously haven't had this much luck at a thrift store in months.
apparently the thrift store fairies felt bad for being so mean to me in the past and wanted to make up for it!


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