Friday, May 4, 2012

may the 4th be with you!

we started this amazing holiday off right!
i won the most amazing wife in the world award by getting Matt  a little present!
notice Matt's amazing shirt!
the star wars blu-ray pack! 
Matt is so crazy about the star wars movies that he could never decide which version he wanted to buy so for years and years we just never bought the movies.
well i thought that insanity went on long enough and just went for the blu-ray set.
and he LOVED it!
you can tell because he then posed with it by our wall of star wars goodies that is set up for our partay tonight!
star wars party pics to come later fo sho!

and because i can't leave you guys without a bunch of star wars pics floating through your head 
cute ewok
17 again star wars
scrubs star wars
storm trooper mustache
luke skywalker scott pilgrim
boba fett
atat and r2d2
up star wars
i love you i know
may the 4th

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