Thursday, May 5, 2011

star wars day!

one day the nerd community got together and decided they needed a holiday that was specifically for them and on that day "may the fourth be with you" was born.
Matt and i went all out for May the 4th last year.
costumes, themed food, movies, star wars games because we are amazing like that.
this year we didn't get too into it though because Matt gets home from work much later now which doesn't leave a lot of time for Star Warsing and also because he has us doing a crazy diet that doesn't let you eat anything that you can make using our Star Wars cookbook.
bummer, i know.
but we still went over to Chase and Amy's and watched Matt's favey fave Star Wars movie.
empire strikes back
and i sported my Star Wars shirt with pride.
and you can see our little Padme standing behind me, she was so excited it was May the 4th!
and if you look eeeeextra carefully on the top left corner of that picture you'll see Matt's beloved Padme magnet on our fridge.
and if the picture included the other side of our fridge you would see all the Lego Star Wars magnets covering that side.
man there's a lot of Star Wars stuff in our house.
nerd alert nerd alert nerd alert!


matt said...

Buy me a print of that poster?

Chase and Amy said...

Matt and Nikki, I love you guys. I just do.

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