Friday, May 6, 2011

oh ya know

my lil sis came over last night to try to show me how to curl my hair all cute like all the stylish ladies are wearing it these days.
ya know the beachy look?
and yes, i have to have my little sister come over to show me because i've been a total tomboy my whole life and she is the girlie one in the fam.
well as it turns out, i actually can make my hair curly but am totally not used to having my hair be anything but straight straight straighty straight so after spending the 30 minutes to curl it today it ended up back in a messy bun thingy.
CIMG0343 Edit
hair fail.
maybe i'll get used to it and be looking all beachified soon.

in other news...
cinco de mayo was yesterday and we totally didn't celebrate it even one teeny tiny bit and now today i'm craving chips and salsa like crazy.
i guess the hubsy is just gonna have to take me to Chili's tonight.
if you didn't know, Chili's has THE BEST chips and salsa ever!
and now i can't stop thinking about them.
hurry and get home matt!


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