Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day One: Birthday Vacation

day one of birthday vacation was spent just like a summer day should be.
pool partying at the best pool in town, the Whipple's!
the only downside is i get sunburned whether i'm out in the sun for five minutes or two hours.
like that one time we went to San Clemente with Matt's family and i looked like this.
and then spent the whole next week while we were walking around Portland feeling like C-R-A-P!
today isn't as bad.
when we first got home i thought to myself "wow self, you're only a teeny tiny pink so maybe this one time it'll actually turn into a tan rather than a burn"
i was wrong.
a couple hours later i now look like this.
CIMG0347 (1)
which doesn't look that bad but my back is probably at least two shades redder than that so you can imagine i'm not a very happy camper.
i'm more like the camper who had bears break into her truck and eat all her food.
and i also learned something today.
FUN FACT: when you have a really bad sunburn and you take a shower on the coldest setting to try to feel better the water still feels hot because your body is actually radiating enough heat to change the temperature of the water.
who knew?
we'll for sure be making a stop at Walmart tonight for some extra aloe vera so we can try to save my back and our weekend from all the pain.


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