Friday, May 13, 2011

attack of the hiccups

i'm absolutely going INSANE right now!
i have had the hiccups for two and a half hours!
did you even know that was possible?!?
if Matt was here he would have killed me by now.
that boy hates when people have the hiccups.
but i kinda wish he was here because then he could kill me and save me the trouble of killing myself.
oh my gosh these hiccups better leave soon.
someone needs to come over and scare them out of me!

okay moving on...
i got the results of my blood tests back and they are no bueno.
apparently my blood is in tip top shape so the doctor doesn't know what's wrong with me.
i'm glad that i'm not messed up or anything but also very sad that there are still no answers.
this morning my sister told me i'm a medical mystery.
at least i'm unique.
i really think my problems have something to do with my adrenal glands so next step is looking into that.
this weekend i'm gonna try hard not to fuss about it though.
Matt and i are heading out of town to play in the woods, relax a little bit and eat lots of junk food.
the perfect weekend!


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