Wednesday, May 11, 2011

what's up doc?

man, it's been a high stress kind of time around here.
after a busy week last week, a crappy day on Sunday and then a lot of time spent worrying this week i am wiiiiiped out.
i had to get up early today and go to the doctor.
i hate going to the doctor.
i hate telling people what's wrong with me.
it makes me feel like they're thinking to themselves "wow this girl is messed up".
i went to a new doctor today because i feel like my old one wasn't listening to a word i was saying.
this new guy was pretty good i think.
he listened and tried to explain things to me and then sent me away to get blood tests.
i feel a little less worried now that the doctor visit is over but now i get to worry about blood test results.
someone should come up with a way to get blood test results instantly so i don't have to sit here and wait for their phone call.
that would be greatly appreciated.
it sounds weird but i actually hope the blood tests say there is something wrong with me so i can finally have an answer to why i feel this way and the doctor can prescribe medicine or something to fix it.
i'm keeping my fingers crossed that that'll happen.


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