Thursday, May 26, 2011

Attack the Block

last week Matt read on some nerdy blog he follows that they were giving away pre-screening tickets for the movie Attack the Block.
i had never even heard of this movie but he got 2 tickets for us so we went.
we got there around 6:30 and the theater was already almost full so we had to stand in the "just in case there's seats left" line.
we were like the 7th and 8th person in this line so we thought for sure we wouldn't be able to get a seat or at least not be able to get two seats together and were actually talking about just going home.
two guys standing in line in front of us actually ended up doing that but we thought we'd just stick it out for a little while longer and see what happened.
turns out we got in and actually got some amazing seats!
two seats together right smack dab in the middle of the theater.
i mean, we would've picked those seats if we had been the first people in there so it was just crazy good luck that we walked in 15 minutes before the movie started and got those seats.

i wasn't that excited about seeing this movie after Matt showed me the trailer but now i can say, the trailer does not do this movie justice.
i'm actually once of those girls that really likes alien sci fi movies (nerd alert!) and when you add in some comedy and fireworks i just love them that much more.
i was a little afraid i wouldn't be able to understand the accents but that was not a problem at all and actually made things better in my opinion.
my favorite character was Pest.
he was super funny and of course i love him because i love hats with tassels.
but almost all the lines Matt and i quoted after the movie were from him.
i actually wouldn't mind seeing this movie in theaters again when it's finally released for reals in the U.S.
teen gang, alien invasion, fireworks, accents, weed, tassle hat, super soakers, ninja moves.
what's not to like?

Matt wrote a review on his blog here if you want to check it out.


matt said...

Moses NINJA!

The more I think about this movie the more I like it.

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