Friday, May 27, 2011

drastic change

i'm the kind of person that likes to make drastic spur of the moment changes in my life.
that's probably not always a good thing but i never like to be bored so when i feel like things are starting to take a turn for the boring i need to make one of those drastic changes to spice things up.
this can be something as small as being totally sick of my hair one day so i decide to chop some bangs for myself.
or it can be something big like deciding to go back to school.
both of which i did this past week.
i've sort of put my school life on hold since we had our pottery store and got rid of our pottery store and because Matt's been going to school and trying to get his career life figured out and also because i wasn't really sure what i wanted to go to school for anymore.
then a few weeks ago Matt asked me what my dream job would be and we talked about how in our household we want dreams to be something you can go for not just great big what ifs.
especially when we have kids someday i want my kid to tell me what their dream job would be and help them to go out and get it.
now how can i say that i want to do that with my future offspring if i'm not even trying to do it for myself?
so i made a plan and started looking into how to make my dream come about and then i dropped the big drastic change bomb on Matt.
i told him i found out i only needed a couple more classes to finish my associate's and i could transfer to a university and oh by the way we need to move to go to that university.
poor little Matt didn't know what to think.
apparently he's not as into my drastic change habit as i am.
obviously i would love to move immediately right now this instant but i realize that part of my plan won't be happening for a while.
i'm still so psyched to start taking those last classes i need and taking all the necessary steps so when we do get to the moving point i'll be ready.
this may not be the drastic spur of the moment change i was hoping it would be but it's still pretty life changing and awesome!


AZ Larsens said...

YAY!!! Weird, I was just thinking yesterday that I wished you would go back to school. It was such a random thought and I wondered why I thought it. We are so totally sisters!

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