Monday, January 11, 2010

saturday is a special day

this weekend was great! i got to spend a lot of time with matt which is pretty rare since we're so busy lately. we ran a bunch of errands on saturday and then my lovely in-laws took us to dinner and gave matt the best present in the world. his old toys! he looked like a little kid on christmas morning with these things.


we spent a good portion of the night playing with SPINJAS!! i forgot how amazing they were!

if you're having a hard time remembering spinjas i'll go over the amazingness of them.
first you load your ninja into the spinning device and twist it a couple times.

then you and your enemy both shoot your ninjas out at the same time and watch them spin and spin and spin!

they hit each other as they spin until one of you knocks the other down and is declared the champion!

YEAH!!!! man, these things were so cool! i wish they made them now!

after the spinja marathon we were sitting around watching tv. i've been trying for weeks to teach our cute little dog, padme, to roll over. she has mastered the usual sit...

and lay down...

but hadn't quite mastered roll over. she was incredibly close but was just being stubborn! i would tell her to roll over and she would wait until i gave her a little nudge and then she would do it but on saturday night...SHE DID IT ALL BY HERSELF!!

i felt like a mom watching her child walk for the first time! lame, i know! but this puppy is my little baby and i was beaming with pride! and now matt and i can't stop asking her to roll over because its so dang adorable!! poor padme. i keep telling her we'll get over it soon but i think she knows i'm lying.


AZ Larsens said...

SPINJAS!!!! B & T would go nuts over those!

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