Friday, January 1, 2010

today is the first day of 2010. epic.

to prove our level of awesomeness i will tell you that we did not receive one invite from any of our friends to participate in any exicting new years eve parties so what did we do? we decided to have some fun of our own!
we first took a lovely trip to safeway since we had a gift card and needed all-nighter supplies. we ended up with this...

junk food junk food and, of course, more junk food. you simply can't go wrong with soda from your childhood, pretzels dipped in nutella and what great party doesn't have fritos, bean dip and martinellis?

we arrived home and hunkered down to watch one million, literally, episodes of dexter. our new favorite show.

we finished the first season and man was it great! i must say that i thought the first part of the season was totally predictable. i consider myself a forensics expert. partly because of my childhood ways and partly because i've watched way too many CSI episodes and this made me think that i had dexter all figured out but then POW! the end of the first season totally threw me! i couldn't believe it! i guess i'm not the forensics genius i thought i was. bummer.

matt fell asleep before midnight, as always. i did wake him up for the traditional midnight kiss though. & then i spent all night waiting to fall asleep. matt snored away while my curse of insomnia kept me up all night. plus the bad serial killer dreams started as soon as i actually did fall asleep. maybe i shouldn't watch dexter so close to bed time. mental note.

now today, new years day. a day full of more dexter and junk food. i did pry matt away from the tv to take me to the mall to search for a cute dress which i didn't find. sad. i did find a cool one online though & matt bought it for me!

isn't it cute?? i do not own one single dress, shocking i know, so i'm really hoping i end up liking this one when it comes. matt is such a sweetie to buy it for me!

hopefully the greatness of last night & today is a sign that the rest of the year is going to be amazing!


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