Friday, January 15, 2010

farewell zombie man

ya know when you have been working at a job for a while and you start to have your favorite customers? well one of my favorite customers was zombie man!

my fascination with zombie man started from a distance.
he worked at a store a couple doors down from mine and he would walk back and forth several times a day and i would watch him and laugh.
he received his nickname because of the way he walked past our store.
he doesn't move his arms when he walks, never has any type of facial expression and
his hair is always styled super crazy and never ever moves!

picture him like the second one from the right but with killer style and amazingly crazy hair!

every time he walked by it would make me laugh and it was the best part of my day!
it soon became the best part of all the other employees day too because i shared
my love for this funny man.

on wednesday, i heard the worst news possible.
another worker from zombie man's store came into our shop and i told her i hadn't seen "that man with the blonde hair" lately.
(i never got up the courage to ask zombie man what his real name was)
and this girl told me he was fired! FIRED!! oh my gosh! i couldn't believe why anyone would want to fire him! the girl explained to me that he wasn't very nice to the customers.
apparently his zombie-ness went all the way through to his core.

work is going to be considerably worse now that he's gone.
i really regret not telling him how happy he made me every day.
and never finding out his real name because i was too big of a chicken.
i will miss you zombie man.
you will live on in my heart forever and i hope to some day see you again and smile as you zombie-walk past me.


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