Monday, January 11, 2010

what i love!

i’ve decided to write a little about the things that i love and why i love them so when i look back at this in later years i can laugh at myself.

note that these things are in no specific order, its just how they came to me.
here goes….
i love dessert! ice cream is the fave but all dessert is good dessert! sadly, matt does not share this love with me but sometimes i find that to be a good thing. i never have to worry about opening the freezer and finding my ice cream is missing. unless its raspberry tart from mesa frozen yogurt. matt would steal that in a heartbeat!
i love creating! this all started with pottery painting which i’ve been doing for years now and have gotten pretty good at it, if i do say so myself! but i also love learning to sew and working with sculpey. sadly, i’m not very good at drawing but luckily i have a super talented hubsy to help me and i’m trying to get better!
i love papasan chairs! i grew up my whole life wishing i had one and envying those friends of mine who did. i love love love them! i love them so much that i finally talked my wonderful hubsy into trying to get me one just a couple months ago! they were super duper expensive though so my wonderful sister gave me her old one!! (love you Christy!!) now i can sit in one whenever i want! and i love it!
i love hoodies! it’s a shame i live in arizona where you can only wear a hoodie 4 weeks out of the year (maybe) but that doesn’t stop me from loving them to pieces!
i love bouncy balls! the world’s simplest toy is the world’s best toy! i have been kicked out of many classes and yelled at many times for enjoying this lovely invention and i must say, it was totally worth it! i always have one in my purse in case i’m in need of some bouncy fun during my daily travels.
i love classic rock music! matt has recently discovered that if i’m in a bad mood it can instantly be cured by listening to journey, styx, eagles, guns and roses, foreigner, bryan adams, tom petty, kansas…the list goes on and on! that music is so much better than the junk that’s on the radio these days. plus, it reminds me of my daddy and i love that about it!
i love chocolate milk! there’s just something about its childishness that makes it more delicious than other drinks! i love chocolate milk so much in fact that when my mother-in-law offers it to the youngsters at sunday dinner i’ve talked her into offering it to me as well! SCORE!
i love lights! i have cute light strands for almost every holiday but when i see some in a store i beg to have them! they brighten every room they’re in and i love that!
i love clothes right out of the dryer! they’re so warm and perfectly perfect! especially bed sheets! i can’t explain it but my bed always feels 10 hundred times more comfortable when i pull the sheets out of the dryer, put them on the bed and jump right in!
i love chapstick! it’s one of the few items that are always always with me! but unlike other people, i’m not picky about my chapstick. i like the plain old, normal, no flavor, chapstick-brand chapstick.
i love moccasins! they are the best footwear! even though i’m a total shorty i don’t own a single pair of high heels because i love moccasins too much. they are my choice for footwear at all times! parties, work, church, professional, evening, day, it really doesn’t matter. i will wear moccasins whenever i get the chance!
i love penguins! they’re so unique! you could consider them the rule breakers of the bird world since they swim rather than fly! those rebels! plus they are beyond cute since most of them mate for life! they’re not sluts like other animals, they believe in true love!
i love popcorn! it really is the perfect snack food! if matt would let me, i would eat it every single day!
i love cloudy days! in fact, i love rainy days too! and cold days! again, i’m living in the wrong state. cloudy or rainy days are definitely the best days because they bring out hoodies and boots and puddles to jump in while you wear your hoodies and boots! and you have an excuse to drink hot chocolate and caramel apple cider and light a fire, not that i think you really need an excuse to enjoy those things but with rain and clouds you can have an excuse if you really want one!
i love playgrounds! no matter how old i get i will never stop loving playgrounds! running, jumping, sliding, swinging, there’s really no down side!
i love watching tv shows with matt! we have watched every single episodes of so many tv shows and i think its 100 times better than watching movies!
i love stuffed animals! you would think i was 5 years old if you saw all the stuffed animals i have from growing up! but i have great memories with every single one of my little animals so matt can’t talk me out of putting them in my corner net in our spare room!
i love 11:11! not only is it the time to make a wish but it holds special meaning for me and matt! he knew i was the one because of 11:11, we were married on 11/11 and every time i see that number i think of how much i love matt!
i love halloween! it’s definitely the best holiday out of the year! matt and i always spend a long time on our costumes and try to be the best dressed! it’s amazing that one night out of the year you get to dress up as whatever you want, act crazy and ask strangers for candy! i want to meet the genius who thought that up!
i love t-shirts and jeans! that basically sums up my entire wardrobe! i’ve been told i’m a great candidate for the tv show “what not to wear” but i can’t imagine wearing anything else!
i love strawberries! i stink so bad at picking them out at the grocery store but thankfully i have a mother-in-law who is an expert at picking them out and letting me enjoy them at almost every sunday dinner! they are the perfect addition to any meal! truly!
i love shark week! most people don’t understand my fascination with shark week but i promise you if you watched one shark week show with me you would understand how incredible it is! i try my hardest not to work that week so i can sit around in my shark week clothing, eat shark week foods and do nothing but think about sharks all week long! who wouldn’t love that??
i love jammies! i used to wear them to school all the time but now that i’m a grown up i can’t really do that anymore. sad face. but the second i walk through my door at the end of the day all i can think about is putting my comfy jammies on and lounging around!
i love giving presents! it’s so much better than receiving them! i love seeing the look on people’s faces when they open a present i spent time and energy into getting for them!
i love tetris! best. game. ever. and not only do i love it, i’m dang good at it too! i can kick anyone’s butt at that game guaranteed!
i love thrift stores! i don’t get to go to them as much as i would like anymore but i can’t even count the number of t-shirts, jeans and odds and ends i’ve picked up at thrift stores over the years! one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!
i love surprises! i’m incredibly hard to surprise so these don’t come easily but i think that makes me love them even more!
i love seaworld! it’s the best amusement park known to man! but i could just think that because i love the whole ocean! strange animals doing strange things and we don’t even know the half of what’s in that big, blue ocean! i never get bored learning about it either! if i lived anywhere near an ocean i’m sure i would’ve gone to school to become a marine biologist!
i love scuba diving! again, its all about my love for the ocean! being down under the water and seeing those things with your own eyes is unbelievable!
i love laughing! i’ve had many nicknames proving this too! i laugh at basically everything, seriously!
i love lime ricky! i don’t think anyone will understand my love for this bright, neon green color! matt has come to accept my odd fascination with lime ricky enough that he lets me decorate our house with it, including painting a whole wall lime ricky!!
i love getting mail! real mail that isn’t bills! i love going to the mail box and getting a letter from a friend!
i love kisses! great big matt kisses are the best but i also love little, wet kisses from my adorable puppy padme!
i love birthdays! not just my own but birthdays in general! they are such special days and of course it give you an excuse to party with friends!
i love socks! little mittens for your feet!
i love 80's music! i was totally born in the wrong era! i would’ve loved the big hair and the funny clothes and the dancy dancy 80’s music! if i could, i would time travel back and party like there was no tomorrow in the 80’s!

And last, but definitely not least…
i love my hubsy! matt is the single greatest thing that has ever happened to me! i don’t know what i would do without him! he puts up with me and my weirdo ways and ideas! he’s the funniest, sweetest boy in the world! we understand each other in a way that most people only see in the movies! i love him so much!!


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I think you forgot one, how much you love your big sis.

This made me lol.

I think I might do a blog like this.

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