Saturday, January 16, 2010

new threads ahoooooo

matt and i had a very lovely saturday together.
i was excited to have a day of thrifting since its been forever and a half since we've done that. we started out at goodwill and found absolutely nothing good. it broke our thrifting spirits a little bit so to cheer ourselves up we went to name brand exchange. its a guaranteed fact that at least one of us will find something great there! and since it still sorta kinda counts as a thrift store, just slightly higher class, we thought it fit into our thrift day! matt found some amazing corduroy pants! i found a cool t-shirt and some sexy high heels that i walked around in but talked myself out of. they were super duper high and i should probably start off with something a little less "hooker heel" for my first pair.

after name brand exchange we started to run out of time. we had to make our way to kohls to return a dress i had bought earlier in the week. i have absolutely no luck with dresses which is why i don't own them. this one was perfect in every way on the top half of my body but totally wrong on the bottom half. apparently my body just isn't made for dresses.
anyway, i returned my dress and then we walked around for a bit. matt and i love love love kohls! we know its ridiculously nerdy of us but how could you not love a place that tells you the price is one thing and then you go to the register and its even cheaper than you thought?? its like winning a game every time you go there! so matt found zilch but i totally scored!

i got a sweet dr. pepper shirt i've had my eye on for months...

an amazing sweatshirt that just screams NIKKI

this is my very favorite part about this sweatshirt...thumb holes!!

and the greatest shirt known to man!
this shirt makes matt super jealous! i bet it makes you jealous too! usually its me always complaining that matt got a shirt and they didn't have it in my size but this time, i win! go me!!
i mean, who wouldn't want this shirt?!
it was worn by dwight schrute, jack black and now ME! HA!
i had to promise matt that i would buy him this shirt for valentines day now because his jealousy won't stop until he gets it.

later on that night, matt and i had the funniest conversation ever!
he's always talking about how my little sister has amazing girly handwriting and he said something about it again last night. then our conversation went a little something like this...

me: "you like sari's handwriting better than mine!"

matt: "no i dont. i dont care if you write girly."

me: "YOU write girly."

matt: "no i dont. i write in all caps. thats as manly as it gets. its like i'm yelling ALL the time. rawr rawr rawr."

i laughed about this all night long! i love my little nerd boy!


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