Thursday, January 28, 2010

new life, here we come!

i have been totally loving the weather these past couple weeks!
there is nothing better than cloudy/rainy days!
i even got a chance to wear my puffy vest that matt said i'd never wear!

i love it!
i also love our sweet bathroom that has our handprints all over it!

this weather is bringing back wonderful memories of our trips to seattle and portland!
and making me want to move up there more than ever!
matt is probably going to hate me for the next couple of weeks until i get over my moving sickness.
my moving sickness is basically the time when i bug matt over and over again to move up there and matt has to tell me over and over again that we can't just yet.
i know he wants to move up there too but he has to be at ASU for the next 3 years so we won't be moving any time soon.
sad face!
i made him promise me that we will move up there someday though!

in other news...our store is closing. we are closing the doors for good at the end of february.
its such a bitter sweet time for us.
we know this is the right decision and it will be a relief when i don't have to lose sleep at night worrying about if things got done or if things still need to be done but we spent so much time and energy on this place.
plus, this store has been around for about 7 years now and some of our most loyal customers are not taking the news very well.
i really hate making people upset and the phone calls and emails have been pouring in asking why we are closing and if there is another option we could choose.
its making me so sad to disappoint people.
but the bottom line is that we need to do this.
i need to get out of this place and move on with my life.

i'm lucky to have good friends who have been coming to the store to support me during all the "disappointing people" time.
michael miller has come to paint with me a couple times this week!

and i even got dallin to paint which he has never done before!

the best part is they get my mind off of the stress of closing and make me laugh. like michael hiding in really high cupboards and then popping out...

this next month is going to probably be one of the hardest times in my life but it will all be worth it when its done.
i already got another job and i'm excited to start tomorrow.
it will be so much better to work from home.
i'll finally be able to go back to school and finish up my degree and matt and i might even be able to start a family soon since i'll be able to work and make money but still be at home.
closing our store opens up so many opportunities for us and i'm ready for that!

new life, here we come!


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