Thursday, July 1, 2010

home sheep home

last night Matt wouldn't come to bed.
usually it makes me sad because then i can't fall asleep very well but last night he knew i took a sleeping pill and waited with me until i started talking crazy talk and then he tip-toed out of the room because he knew i would be knocked out soon enough.
little sneak.
and then at 2:00 A.M. i woke up and had to use the little girls room and noticed that Matt still wasn't in bed so i went into the office to force him to come to bed and get his beauty rest.
this morning when i woke up i found a funny email from Matt was waiting for me and it included THIS game.
when i clicked on it i then realized why Matt didn't come to bed for so long.
he was playing this game.
i rolled my eyes and shook my head at the weird things that can keep Matt awake at night and then decided i would play the game so i could tell him how ridiculous he really is.
but that didn't work out too well because the game intrigued me and i beat the whole thing!
curse you Matt and your silly little games you get me into.
and if that wasn't bad enough when Matt called me on his way home from work we spent his whole drive home talking about the game and then when he got home we replayed all the levels and discussed how he did one level this way and i did it another way and oh my gosh we are such losers.
but totally meant for each other.


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