Friday, July 16, 2010

Eclipse Talk

so i'm gonna talk about the new Twilight movie now.
i have seen Eclipse twice in theaters and honestly wouldn't mind seeing it again.
not because i'm a Twilight freak but because i think they did a pretty decent job on this movie.
i'm gonna go ahead and say that it's going to be the best movie of the series because really, who knows what they're going to do with Breaking Dawn.

okay so the parts i loved about Eclipse were...

1. Riley
i think that actor, Xavier Samuel, did a great job!
except for maybe when he got bitten and was screaming on the ground, that was a bit much for me.
but this guy hasn't even been in that much stuff and he lands a role in one of the biggest movies right now and he pulls it off like a pro!
i hope he's in a lot more stuff!

2. the flashback moments of Rosalie and Jasper's lives were pretty awesome!
they did a good job of showing just the right amount of their back stories.
that was one of my favorite parts of the book, learning about all the characters' stories, so i'm glad they did a good job with that.

3. Jasper
in addition to being Team Jacob i am also Team Charlie and Team Jasper.
i think one of the reasons i liked Eclipse as much as i did, the movie and the book, is because it has a lot of Jasper in it!
i loved when he was teaching his family to fight and he was all know it all-y and strong and then he fights Alice and she totally tricks him because he's trying to be cute and kiss her.
love it!
plus he's a looker!
as Jasper...

with the crazy eyes and the messy messy hair!
mmmm i like me some messy messy hair.
and as real life him...

how you doin??
in my opinion, twilight would be much better with a little less Edward and a LOT more Jasper!

4. Jacob and Bella's kiss
uh yeah!
remember when they almost kissed in New Moon?

and when the phone rang and killed the moment i was like "DON'T ANSWER IT! THAT'S WHAT ANSWERING MACHINES ARE FOR!!"
even though i've read the books and i knew what was going to happen i'm still Team Jacob through and through so i was dying to see a kiss between the two of them.
i mean, they both want it.
it's so obvious.
and then Eclipse came out and my dream of seeing them make out finally came true!
and DANG! the two of them should kiss more often because it was magical.
when Edward and Bella kiss it's all little pecks and probably the most unromantic thing i've ever seen but when Jacob and Bella kissed there were fireworks going off on that snowy mountain!
am i right or am i right?

5. BEST line in the movie...
"we both know i'm hotter than you"
i think i can say with absolute certainty that there was not one person in the theater that did not have a smile on their face after that line.

now for the things i hated about the movie!

1. Victoria majorly let me down in this movie.
i don't know if it was the new actress that played her or if the director told her to act like that but man, she sucked.
Victoria is supposed to be all revengeful and evil and instead she had this whole girl-next-door thing going on that made me want to punch her in the kidneys.
she constantly has this pitiful look on her face, especially at the end when she's talking to Riley and telling him not to listen to Edward.
look how much better Rachel Lefevre looks as Victoria!
Bryce Dallas Howard needs to go back to her days in Spiderman 3 or M. Night Shyamalan movies.
sad but true.

2. and since i'm already trashing on Victoria i'll say that i was CRACKING UP when she died!
i've never seen anything so stupid before in my life!!
i'm sure everyone else in the theater was hating my guts but i couldn't control myself when i saw her head all disconnected from her body and her face all expressionless.
they could've pulled that off much better.
and now i'm mad because i won't be able to watch that part without laughing.
it's impossible.

3. the whole almost sex scene was just sad.
i mean yay for waiting until you're married but come on!!
i actually felt bad for Bella after that whole embarrassing scene ended.
again, could've been pulled off better.
and then i just love how he tries to fix the situation by proposing.
hello! you just rejected her! she shouldn't want anything to do with you!
but since she's a moron and has no mind of her own i guess she'll go ahead and fall for your ridiculous ramblings about chaperoned walks and courting nonsense and say yes.

4. if anyone wasn't Team Jacob before seeing this movie, they probably are now.
i don't remember the books making him sound like this but the movie made Edward look like a JERK!
now, i love that but i'm sure most people did not.
it seems like every time you turn around in that movie he's doing something stupid to Bella.
like when he breaks her truck so she can't see Jacob.
and when he talks about her plane ticket to Florida right in front of Charlie.
and when he told her about the ticket to Florida in front of Charlie because Victoria was coming to town and he didn't tell her.
and when he doesn't want her to be part of the battle even though she could help.
and when it takes him forever to just suck it up and let Jacob warm Bella up in the tent.
and when he makes Bella talk about getting married when he knows Jacob is listening.
how could anyone like him after all that crap??
if he really loooooooooves Bella so much he wouldn't be doing all that stuff.
do you see Jacob trying to pull any of that?
no no no.
he doesn't hide stuff from her and treat her like a baby.
put that together with the fact that she doesn't have to change for Jacob and the fact that he's 500 million trillion kazillion times hotter than Edward with what looks like 50 abs of steel, i have no idea why she wouldn't choose werewolf over vampire.

and that's the end of my rant about Twilight until Breaking Dawn comes out.
i'm not expecting a good movie because it was my least favorite book but i think they could either do a really good job with it or bomb big time.
let's hope for a job well done.


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