Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Worst Movie

ya know how after you see a bad movie you say "this is the worst movie ever!"?
well you can't really say that until you've watched Troll 2.
it was actually given the title of "Best Worst Movie" so you know it's true.

Matt's been asking me to watch it with him but i figured its more like one of those movies you watch with friends so you can make fun of it the whole time.
boy, was i right.
luckily i was able to talk Christine and Jordan into coming over.
i think they were a little skittish about the movie at first but we all warmed up to it pretty quickly.
i mean how could you not?

pure genius.

with the vegetarian goblins.
and the chorophyll green.
and the town named Nilbog that's actually goblin spelled backwards.
and the peeing on the food.
and the goblin that Matt is terrified of.
and the mom that's just as scary as the goblins.
and the double decker bologna sandwiches.
and the corn on the cob.
and the killer dance moves that i'll be sure to use at the next party i'm at.

all good things a movie needs.


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