Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this can't be happening to me

something terrible is happening in my life right now.
it's actually so bad that i don't know if i'm going to survive it.
basically this is the kind of thing that nightmares are made of.
i can't eat my favorite things!!

a strange thing happened to me on July 5th when we had our family 4th of July party.
my mom had watermelon out and i ate like 5 slices of it and it was delicious.
but then after i ate all that watermelon i remembered that i am slightly allergic to it.
i never even thought about it because i have watermelon probably once a year, on the 4th of July.
so my mouth started to get kinda itchy like it always does when i eat something i'm allergic to but i just didn't worry about it.
then my brother and sister-in-law made some homemade strawberry ice cream for us and it was taaaaaasty but after i ate it i started noticing that it was getting hard for me to breathe because my throat was getting all puffy.
i thought i just needed a drink or something but then it didn't go away, it actually kept getting worse.
i didn't even realize i was having an allergic reaction to something until i explained what was happening to Matt and my parents and they told me i was.
and as if having my throat close up isn't scary enough, since i'm also a little asthmatic nerd it's double scary for me.
so i'm trying not to panic and i use an inhaler and i get a drink of water and i take some benadryl but nothing helps the swelling in my throat go down and i have to listen to Matt say i sound like Batman all night long.
it was not a good way to spend my holiday.

since that night i have had a sore throat and stuffy head (yes it's now been over a week) and have noticed that foods that used to just itch my throat are now causing much more damage.
life is so sad now.
the list of things i used to know for sure i was allergic to include...

anyone see a pattern here?
there is nothing more important to me than fruits!
i love them! ALL OF THEM!
and now my list of things that i'm allergic to is spreading to include...

i want to cry.
mostly because of the last 2 items.
i eat strawberries whenever i can and i don't eat just one, i eat MANY!
and i put avocado on everything that i can.
how am i supposed to eat a turkey and avocado sandwich without avocado??
nobody likes just turkey!
it needs its friend, the avocado!!
and guacamole!!! HOW AM I GOING TO EAT CHIPS?!?!
and i use to be able to say "oh well i can handle a little itchy throat to eat my favey fave foods" but now i can't!
i had a sandwich today with avocado on it and my head hasn't stopped hurting since!
i can barely keep my eyes in focus!
and my throat is all stuffy too!

this is very bad for me.
i feel very bad for me.


Alicia Curtis said...

sad!!!! I would die without avocado. People on a commercial were wasting guacamole the other day and I almost cried. No joke.

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