Tuesday, July 13, 2010

summer is for pool parties

on saturday we had a pool party where all the girls sat around the edge of the pool and watched as the boys got crazy ideas in their heads and then tried to do those crazy ideas.

like one person throws the basketball towards the hoop while the other one tries to hit that ball in mid air and somehow one of the balls is supposed to make a basket.

500 throws later, they did it.

next was standing on the diving board and bouncing a ball off the deck and into the basketball hoop.

an hour later, they did it.

then what started out as standing on Matt

quickly became a challenge of getting 5 of them to stand on the raft at the same time.
first they planned...

then they just went for it.

after what seemed like a million attempts, they did it.

then they tried to be normal and play a game of speed.

but it wasn't long until they were on to the next idea.
trying to launch people on the raft.
they got that idea when Matt and Chris almost killed each other.

i don't know if you can tell in that video since it's so dark but that plan didn't work out too well.

after all this craziness the boys finally settled down a bit.

and p.s. everyone LOVES Lydia!

and as long as there are no mooing sea cows involved she loves everyone too.

we finished off the night with a little pinata fun for Josue's bday but done in baseball fashion by pitching it to each other.

and some birthday cake!

as you can see, it was a very successful saturday night.


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