Saturday, July 17, 2010

i love me some tv

sometimes Matt and i like to spend our Friday night at home watching all the tv shows we missed during the week.

the OCD Project just had its last episode of the season and i'm sad i don't get to watch it anymore.
yes yes, Matt and i are lame and watch shows about people who are trying to get over their OCD but seriously, watch it. it's so interesting!
these people get freaked out over things that are so normal to other people and the doctor makes them do CRAZY exposures.
like throwing baby dolls at a girl while she drives a car.
and actually telling a man to kill someone.
and putting two guys in jail.
and having a girl put urine all over her stuff.
and not allowing two girls to wash their hands at all and only take 5 minute showers every 3 days.
and some of the stuff i wouldn't even do!
me, my normal not OCD self, i wouldn't do some of the things they had to do.
like eating a scone that was sitting on the toilet or one that was dipped in toilet water.
i'm so sad i don't get to watch them do that stuff anymore.
they better do a second season OR ELSE!

and of course, Whale Wars.
i was freaking SHOCKED by the episode last night!
mostly we watch that show to laugh at the people who think the best way to save whales is to throw stinky butter at the Japanese and get lost and have people held hostage etc. etc.
and we saw a preview of this episode and thought "those stupid Sea Shepherds! i can't believe they would get in front of a whaling ship like that!"
but then look at this footage that was on the episode last night.
this is all three views of the collision.
(turn down your volume so you don't hear the loud LRAD noise and the F word and go to 1:17 if you want to just skip to the craziness)
we honestly thought that the Sea Shepherds were the ones who got in front of the Japanese and that's what caused that collision but they weren't even inside the Ady Gil when this happened!
they were waving goodbye to the Bob Barker!
and the captain actually tells the man that's steering the Ady Gil to stop the boat which means it was the Japanese who intentionally rammed them!
stupid move whalers.
so the Bob Barker has to then save the crew of the Ady Gil that's sinking and the Ady Gil's captain tries to have them tow the rest of the boat back but the damage is too severe and they have to let it sink.
the whalers just sent a multi million dollar boat to the bottom of the ocean.
stupid stupid stupid.
but i'm so excited that the whalers were idiots and the Sea Shepherds look good for once!
Matt and i decided that what happened was the whalers just wanted to clip the Ady Gil and maybe take a foot or something off of it so it would be disabled and couldn't harass them anymore but they miscalculated and ended up taking 10 feet off of it instead.
of course, we'll probably never know what really happened since both sides blame the other but i really think it was done on purpose.
the Sea Shepherds have done so much to the Japanese and they finally couldn't take it anymore and just snapped.
and since Matt and i are Whale Wars lovers we read ahead about what happens so we know that the episodes that are coming up are going to be AWESOME!
watch them! you won't be disappointed!


AZ Larsens said...

We just watched last night's episode! It was insane! I thought the same thing, that it was the stupid Ady Gil who ran in front of them but was shocked to see that it was the other way around. Those idiots. I just read Pete Bethune's Wikipedia and basically, the Japanese Coast Guard refuses to investigate it and refuses to hand over evidence. That just spells out guilt, if you ask me.

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