Saturday, July 3, 2010

movie etiquette

movie etiquette is a very important thing and you may not understand that until you are sitting alone waiting for your husband to join you in the theater and a very creepy, smelly boy comes and sits right next to you even though the whole rest of the row is empty.
yes, that happened to me today.
and yes, i was very creeped out but i kept my eyes on my game of Tetris and waited for Matt to come and save me.
if this boy remembered his movie etiquette he would know that you are never EVER supposed to sit right next to another person unless there are absolutely no other seats available.
this rule goes along with these other rules...

- never ask people to scoot over because you were late and can't find a seat because those people were actually on time to the movie. you can't expect people to be happy about moving for someone who walked in during the previews so just don't ask them to.
- don't have a totally loud and completely separate conversation with your friends during a movie unless you want people to throw popcorn and mean insults your way.
- don't bring your camera into the theater to record the movie because the movie will be out on dvd in a couple months anyway with much better quality than your crappy camera.
- you better not be texting during the movie unless it's an emergency because nothing is more annoying than having a giant light in your face every two minutes.
- don't sneak in alcohol and pour it into your movie cup when you think no one is looking because everyone is going to notice.
- if you're 15 years old and still think it's cool to make out during a movie sit in the back row so none of us have to be grossed out.
- if you notice a person has their feet on the chair in front of them don't sit there. it would make you mad if someone did that to you.

these are a few of the rules and they are here to make sure that all people enjoy the movie they decided to spend lots of money to see.
can't follow the rules? rent the movie.


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