Wednesday, June 30, 2010

heart of stone

so Matt and i went on a date on Monday night.
to most people this wouldn't sound like anything special but Matt and i hardly ever go on dates.
like real plan it out, go to dinner and a movie and not think about anything else kind of dates.
it's probably been months since we've done that and i loved every minute of it!
we saw Toy Story 3 which was so great!
Pixar almost never lets me down and the time they did *cough Ratatouille cough* i forgave them because everyone makes mistakes right?
anyway...i heard a lot of people say that they cried during Toy Story 3 and i was a little nervous that i was gonna end up hating the movie because it was sappy and junk but at the end of the movie i actually thought to myself "hmm i wonder what part everyone was crying over."
i didn't have to wonder long because Matt, the little softy, told me.
right after he yelled "YOU HAVE A HEART OF STONE!"
apparently i should've cried at the end when Andy is at the little girl's house playing and giving away his toys but instead i was thinking about how i totally wouldn't have given away Woody if i was Andy.
i remember having my little pink bear Pinky (yes i was very clever when i was a youngster) thrown away or donated or whatever the heck happened to him when i was little and i wish i still had him now so i could remember the good times i had with him.
in fact, i've kept a BUNCH of my toys from the good old days and i don't regret it one tiny bit.
so there!
Matt didn't agree with me and now thinks i'm all dead inside even more than he used to.
is it really so bad that i only cry during real life events and not during movies?
and hey, i cry during important movies.
like Charlie. i will cry every time i watch that movie.
and Never Been Kissed. that's the first movie i cried while watching. it's just so sad!
but other movies like A Walk to Remember and Titanic and movies like that that make girls ball their eyes out, i don't get it.
or episodes of 16 and Pregnant that make Matt a little misty, don't get that either but it's a huge turn on to see him do that.
so yeah, no tears from me during Toy Story 3 because i save my tears for important things.
like coming out of the movie theater today and finding this email from Matt...
"i love you. just wanted to tell you that"
now that's something to get weepy about.


AZ Larsens said...

Aw, Matt is so nicey nice.

You have a heart of stone and also you share your sister's problem of laughing at inappropriate times during movies!

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