Saturday, June 5, 2010

birthday week part 1

this week has been a crazy week of fun!
my birthday was on tuesday and Matt's birthday is exactly one week from mine so basically that's the most amazing week of the year for us.
every day is a celebration!
so far this week we have eaten amazing food including...

tuesday = red lobster's most amazing steak and lobster dish
wednesday = homemade brazilian food that was incredible
thursday = chilis with the fam including free dessert (mental note for next year's birthdays)
friday = neds and mesa fro yo raspberry tart

and tomorrow Matt's parents are taking us somewhere where they apparently have jumbo shrimp wrapped in bacon and everyone knows how much i love shrimp, and bacon, and shrimp and bacon together. mmmmmmmmmmmm!
basically i LOVE this week and how FAT it's making us!

and as far as presents go everyone has been showering us with greeeeen!
everyone knows that birthdays aren't as cool once you get older but one really cool thing about them is you get money instead of clothes you won't wear and toys you won't play with.
it's pretty much the best!
i've been talking Matt into buying me things all month by saying that they count as my birthday presents like my wooden hootie, a rainbow brite t-shirt and a swimsuit so he only gave me one more present on my actual birthday.
what was it?
he moved his laptop to his desk in the office and says he's going to keep it there for good.
my jaw dropped and all i could say was "really?"
this is HUGE for him!
this boy has not successfully kept his laptop in one spot since i've known him.
he constantly has to have it by his side on the couch, the kitchen counter, the bathroom, in bed, on vacations, i mean this thing is practically glued to him and for him to give me that as my gift was better than anything anyone could've given me.
i can't wait to actually watch a movie with him on the couch and not look over to see he's on his computer instead of watching the movie.
also, i'm interested to see how long he can keep his sanity when he's separated from his best friend.
i mean he's going to have to actually walk upstairs and sit at his desk to use his computer like every other normal person.
he's not going to make it.
i love my present! thank you thank you thank you!

so since Matt and i had all that bday money burning a hole in our giant piggy bank and we are big big spenders we decided to go thrifting tonight.
we hit up some new spots today rather than our usuals.
first we went to a vintage store in chandler that a lady at work told Matt about and i got this bad boy!

i looooooooove it!
but as a whole the store was pretty grossy gross.
it was painfully obvious that the clothes hadn't been washed before being put on the racks and that made the germaphobe Nikki come out.
all the clothes were wrinkly and had big nasty sweat stains and stains that i didn't even want to guess what they were and basically i panicked in the car trying to find my purell when we got out of there.
ask matt. it's true.
but after that we went to buffalo exchange since we were already way on that side of town and since it's one of Matt's favorite places to shop for clothes.
he found a cool t-shirt and a pair of jeans that i'm sure are his new favorites and i will soon have to sneak them away from him in the middle of the night just to wash them.
me, on the other hand, buffalo exchange is not my friend.
it never has been.
i find absolutely nothing that i like there or if i do find something i like it's not my size.
that store is a terrible tease.

next we headed to DI and found nada.
it let me down big time and i was starting to think my thrifting luck ended with my bear hug shirt but then we went to goodwill, our last stop of the night, and found this incredible retro bread box for 5 buckaroos!

i'm madly in love with this bread box, so much so that i might run away with it and leave Matt behind.
Matt's family does an odd thing instead of using a bread box, they use the microwave.
now i didn't grow up with a bread box in my home either but we certainly didn't put bread in the microwave where it's in the way every time you want to eat something!
it doesn't sound annoying until you've tried it.
seriously, try it. you'll know what i'm talking about.
so once i realized how much i hated the microwave being the bread's house instead of the place where i heat up my taquitos i've wanted a bread box.
and this one is PERFECT!
Matt promised me another bday present which includes cleaning, sanding and painting this little number so our bread can move into it and i can have my microwave back.
i'm so excited to see this thing on my kitchen counter!
it so belongs in our house with its retro style and funny glass and it's basically the perfect size.
okay...this love affair with me and the bread box has to end.

in other was a historic day for me.
i paid off my car loan today!
that's right, after almost exactly 4 years of being a slave to monthly payments i now 100% completely totally OWN my car!
feels good!
feels liberating!
feels like i'm going to jinx myself and get in an accident tomorrow if i don't stop talking about it right now.



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