Thursday, June 10, 2010

birthday week part 2

so of course the next round of birthday week fun was AMAZING!
i mentioned before that my in-laws were taking us to get shrimp wrapped in bacon for lunch on saturday and ohhhh man, they did!

delicious little cheese filled shrimpies wrapped in crispy bacon dipped in garlic butter sauce with a side of spicy dirty rice.
mmm it's like eating a tasty heart attack.
we also ordered coconut shrimp because i love coconut shrimp anywhere but this honestly, truly, really, no doubt in my mind was the best coconut shrimp i ever had!
one day when we're feeling like taking the long drive to phoenix we'll go to that restaurant again!

later saturday night we met up with my family for a pizza party but Matt and i couldn't really eat because we were still stuffed with shrimp.
the family was swimming which i would've loved to do but we had a wedding reception later that night so we couldn't. sad face.

on sunday it was sunday dinner week at the Mason house and we received the most amazing birthday cake known to man!
my sister-in-law Natalie makes ridiculously incredible birthday cakes for the kids in the family and by kids i mean the kids and me and Matt.
last year she did a cookie monster cake that was amazing and a couple months ago she did a dinosaur cake for her son that looked like a stuffed animal.
so she asked us what we wanted this year and Matt said an ewok which made me think "whoa that's a bit much Matt" but i figured Natalie would come up with something along the lines of an ewok cake.
i was blown away when she walked in with this!!

a 3D ewok cake!! how adorable is that?? and it looks exactly like an ewok!!
Matt was in heaven!

we keep telling Natalie that she needs to get in the cake making business but she said no.
i think we should secretly spread around some business cards for her to show her how many people would want her to make cakes for them.
heck, i want her to make me cakes when it's not even my birthday!
we even tried telling her she could have a show on TLC like CAKE MOM!
i would watch that show!

this past tuesday it was finally Matt's birthday.
he went to work and sent me a text telling me he "forgot" his lunch so i went to pick him up and we went to Barros pizza and his dad met us there.
i told him he didn't have to fake forgetting his lunch because i wanted to take him out anyway but he's still claiming he really did forget it while he's making his lying face at the same time.
silly boy.
then it came dinner time and we decided to go to Benihana for dinner since last time we were there we signed up for their little club and got $30 off for Matt's birthday.
we invited all his friends and it ended up being a group of 8 of us that went.
it was so much fun!
that place is 100 million times better if you go with friends!
plus the cooking thing looks cool with everyone's food all spread out across it.

and after hearing the staff sing the birthday song 7 times they finally got to Matt.
now, nothing embarrasses Matt more than having a restaurant sing happy birthday to him but by the time they got to him there were only like 2 other tables of people in the place so he was a happy camper!
so that's the end of birthday week right?
heck no!
birthday week NEVER ends!!
this sunday we still have my family's birthday dinner and Matt is still finishing his present for me!


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oh my goodness i love the cake!!!!!!!

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