Friday, June 25, 2010

would've been nice to know

dear yaz birth control,

i so did not appreciate the pregnancy scare this week. i find it unbelievable that you wouldn't want to mention among all your side effects that if a girl stops taking you there's a good chance she won't have her period for a while because her body is readjusting. maybe it's just silly little me but i think that sounds important enough to be mentioned somewhere in the little tiny booklet that is located inside your box that i read cover to cover. instead i had to learn that this problem is pretty common from girls on the internet who were telling all about how they didn't get their period for months after they stopped taking you.

annoyed girl who's not ready for a baby

thank you miss pregnancy test for being negative when i took you because i wasn't entirely convinced by what the other girls said. i beyond hope and pray that you don't let me down.


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