Monday, June 28, 2010

ovens are so yesterday's news

this summer Matt and i have been making a lot of meals on the grill.
i've decided food on the grill is always better no matter what it is.
last week we had this amazing shrimp veggie mixture and it was the most delicious thing ever!
and every time we grill chicken i can't get enough of it!
and now my new favorite grill meal is pizza!
it is probably the most tasty dish in the entire universe.
we've only made it a couple times including last night when we made it as a special dinner for my little sister who was staying with us while my parents were galavanting in Brazil.
last night was her last night with us so we needed to send her off with her belly full of delicious grilly grill pizza!
and since then i've had little pizzas dancing around my head because i can't wait to make them again!
mmmmm pizza!

and it's so easy too!
you buy a cheapo pizza crust mix, make it, flatten it to desired thickness and stick it in the oven at 350 degrees for like 5 minutes to harden it a little bit.
then take it out and top with whatever you want and then put it on tin foil and stick it on the grill until it's done!
i loooooooooooove it!


AZ Larsens said...

YUMMY! And I'm going to learn how to make bread and pizza dough when I'm in TX next week from Josh's sister so I'll get to try it out!

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