Friday, June 25, 2010


exactly one year ago Matt sent me a text telling me that Michael Jackson had died and i called him a liarface and told him to never say that again.
and then he told me to look it up and i almost cried.
and then Billy Mays died the same week and Matt cried.
it was a very bad week.

today is the first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death and i couldn't be more sad.
he's not supposed to be dead!
he's supposed to be dancing like a mad man and singing his heart out!
and i still can't believe he never got to do his last tour.
Matt and i were seriously thinking about selling our house and becoming hobos just so we could fly to Europe and see him.
it would've been sooooo worth it!
i'm going to watch This Is It tonight in his honor.
if you haven't seen that movie yet you absolutely, without a doubt should watch it!
the man is pure genius and that concert would've rocked the world's socks off!

that's it, tonight i will be watching This Is It while wearing my Micheal Jackson shirt with the plate i painted of Michael Jackson right beside me, possibly filled with cookies...

i will remember better days.
meaning when MJ was alive and well.
and then maybe i'll watch Free Willy because not only is it the best movie ever but you can watch THIS Michael Jackson video at the end.

RIP Michael Jackson.
we miss you.


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