Monday, June 7, 2010

mtv 2010 movie awards

last night i remembered why i don't ever watch award shows.
we watched the mtv movie awards only because Aziz Ansari was the host and my biggest question ended up being "why the heck wasn't there more Aziz?!"
i guess by host they really meant he'd be in the beginning, introducing like 2 things and then in some super funny skits but honestly, you can never have too much Aziz.
and when he did the avatar song!
and his opening jokes were pretty dang hilarious!
and...actually, i especially love him all the time!
can somebody say celebrity crush??
Matt actually has a friend who knows Aziz and told us we should go hang out with him sometime but i think i'd be so nervous i wouldn't be able to talk and then Aziz would make some joke about me and i would laugh and cry at the same time and it would just be no bueno so i'll just keep watching him on tv and pretending we're buds.

so the movie awards overall sucked for one reason...twilight won EVERYTHING!
by the end of the night i was so sick of seeing Kristen Stewart i almost threw things at the tv.
and if you think she's just a horrible actress think again, she's also a horrible public speaker and i actually cringe when i watch this video of her and Robert Pattinson winning the best kiss award.
painful, so very painful.

so once you understand that twilight is taking over the world and wins everything you can move past that and you'll see one of my fave actresses won the generation award.
Sandra Bullock!
i just can't help loving her in every single movie!
i have a definite girl crush going on with her.
i'm a bit of a celebrity slut today aren't i?
she had some very nice things said about her and gave a great speech but are people going to remember that?
they're going to remember her and Scarlett Johansson kissing it up!

so in the future, i will probably not be watching the mtv movie awards.
i will however keep laughing/drooling over Aziz and my girl crush on Sandra Bullock will probably only get worse as time goes on.


AZ Larsens said...

Are you kidding me? They won for best kiss? That was the worst kiss ever!

I love Sandra Bullock too. And I'm developing a new girl crush too. On Jennifer Garner. She is so cute!

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