Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

geez this year is going by fast!
last thing i knew it was Christmas time and now all of a sudden it's June and i'm turning the big 2-3.
we were lucky enough to be able to take off a couple days from work so we could spend some time together.
i love taking little mini vacations when you're too poor to take real ones!

so this morning i woke up and found that Matt had already snuck out of bed.
i walked out of our bedroom and found a note on the floor saying "stay in bed" but since i'm not very good at following directions i asked Matt if i could come downstairs and he gave in.
i walked down to find blueberry pancakes being made (mmmm blueberry pancakessssss) and presents waiting for me on the table!
Matt is the best gift giver ever.
he absolutely cannot give anybody a normal gift, it has to be a joke or have hidden meaning or something behind it.
he did make one exception this time and got me 127 Hours because i told him to.
no secret meaning but he knows how much i heart this movie so it didn't need it.

everyone knows how crazy i am about ocean stuff including sharks right?
i mean, if my shark week party doesn't tell you how obsessed i am i don't know what will.
oh wait, yes i do, the new socks Matt got me will definitely tell you how obsessed i am!
shark socks
that's right! this year for shark week i will now have a shark week shirt, shark jammie pants and shark-eating-my-legs socks!
if there was a contest for best dressed shark week fan, i would TOTALLY win!
i can't even begin to tell you how much i wish it wasn't 5,000 degrees outside so i could be wearing these constantly!

Matt also got me an aquarium book with a note inside telling me to flip to a certain page.
on that page was the picture of the tiny little sharks we wanted to get for our aquarium and a note saying that he was finally going to set up our aquarium today so we could get them!
and the best part is, he stuck to his word!
i sat down to relax and watch James Franco cut his arm off and Matt took everything we got when we bought the aquarium on Craigslist and figured out how everything worked and cleaned it and put it together and got it running!
and it looks glorious!
i know you can't tell from the pictures because they were taken with my phone but the tank looks amazing even without sharks swimming in it!
i can't wait to get plants and our fishies and spend my time watching them swim around!

Matt also took me to a couple thrift stores,to Hobby Lobby and out to lunch.
i think he was getting frustrated with me because he said i got to choose everything we did today but i'm too dang low maintenance to think of anything better than thrift stores and Hobby Lobby.
we'll see if he can do any better in a week on his birthday.

oh and my parents stopped by and gave me this bad boy!
i've had my eye on this Scentsy forever so when my parents asked what i wanted for my bday i immediately told them about it.
and it looks even better in person and makes my house smell like summer time thanks to the bricks they gave me with it!

i'm such a spoiled and lucky girl!
hopefully this year will be full of great things for me.
my main goals for year 23 are...
1) get started on school again and find out what i have left to do to transfer, how to transfer, where to transfer, when to transfer, etc.
2) get healthy. go to the doctor or try new supplements or whatever i have to do to fix me so i can be healthy and happy instead of feeling sick and icky all the time.
that's it.
i don't want to plan too many goals and let myself down so i've decided those are my two and i'm sticking to them and if i accomplish them by this time next year i'll be a very happy Nikki!


Chelseabird said...

Happy belated birthday, Nikki! I'm so glad to hear you had a nice one!

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