Thursday, June 9, 2011

Matt is 27

Matt's birthday yesterday went a little different than planned.
we both had taken the day off so we could do fun birthday things together but then Matt said he was going to have to spend a couple hours at work in the morning.
then it became a couple hours in the morning plus lunch.
then a couple hours in the morning plus lunch plus an hour or two after lunch.
and finally he ended up coming home only an hour earlier than he would have normally come home on any other day.
so basically i took Matt's birthday off to watch a lot of Bones and make this guy.
isn't he a cute little Boba Fett?
can i call Boba Fett cute?
he probably wouldn't like that.
and at least Matt and i had a good birthday breakfast and dinner together.
he requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and my hubsy gets what he wants on his bday!
and he had to open his presents before he left for work.
(ignore the Christmas wrapping paper. it's the only wrapping paper we had in the house. ha!)
first he got Avatar.
he has asked for this movie for the longest time and i kept putting it off because he didn't just want the movie, he wanted the 3 disc extended blu-ray collector's edition.
he said he had absolutely no idea he was going to get that which made me so happy because i love to surprise him!
the next present wasn't really a surprise because he asked for it a couple months ago but it's way cooler than Avatar.
he asked for this print from Jame Hance's website.
how freaking incredible is that??
i love it more than words can say!
it'll make an excellent addition to our soon-to-be frame wall.

then for dinner we went to Chili's because it's a Matt and Nikki favorite.
(chips and salsa mmmmmm!)
and came home to watch Avatar because Matt just couldn't wait.
his birthday cake was the best part of the night in my opinion.
or actually i should say red velvet whoopie pies in a cake pan were the best part of the evening.
i couldn't eat them but they looked so cute and yummy!
and of course the Darth Vader candle is just perfect!
this boy loooooves red velvet!
so even though the day didn't go as planned we celebrated the crap out of breakfast and dinner!
happy 27th birthday Matt!
i wuv you!


AZ Larsens said...

Aw, Matt is my favorite number! Yay! And by the way, I love love love Matt's happy face. It always makes me happy when I see it.

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