Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shark Friends

i love when my birthday continues a whole week after it actually happened.
Matt got the aquarium all set up on my actual bday and then a couple days later we bought a plant and a moss ball to go in it.
by the way, did you know how freaking cool moss balls are??
they're quite possibly my new favorite thing!
they keep the tank clean and they're hilarious looking!
anyway...then we waited a couple more days and made a trip to Petsmart for these guys!
these are my new little shark friends!
we were extra careful with our new family members and made sure to float them in their bag for a whole hour before setting them free in their new home.
they were so excited and just couldn't wait to get out and explore.
after the hour we fished them out of the bag and let them swim free.
it is my pleasure to introduce you to Scott, Wallace and Young Neil.
see i'm not the only one who likes the moss ball, Scott loves it too!
i can't believe we waited so long to get this aquarium running.
Matt and i love to waste our time sitting and watching our new friends!
and because of all that sitting and watching we now know that Scott is a giant bully (he's the biggest of the three) and poor little Wallace and Young Neil get chased by him CONSTANTLY!
and also that Wallace and Young Neil are very crafty and hide from Scott in the shell so he can't get to them or they swim through the plant in the back so he'll get stuck.
i guess that equals a pretty level playing field.

p.s. we didn't even realize that Matt was wearing his Gideon Graves shirt when we named our little sharks after Scott Pilgrim characters but i'm gonna take that as a sign that it was meant to be!


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