Monday, June 13, 2011

Slip and Slide Hazards

hazard #1: soap faces
hazard #2: slipping and bonking your head and ending up with a mild concussion
you can't see Matt slipping and slamming his head ridiculously hard against the ground in this video but you can hear us react to it and see him slide the rest of the way like a little limp rag doll.
and then he spent the next 10 minutes like this.
and then my sister tried to put water in him.
and then he sat in the shade with a crazy blank stare while Chelsa the soon-to-be nurse took care of him with medicine, food and more water.
he was feeling better after 30ish minutes.
that is until the next thing happened.
hazard #3: strong wind flipping the plastic over which flings a brick into you
so sad that all Matt was trying to do was jump through the tube and then he ended up with a HUGE bruise on his arm.
pour thing!
hazard #4: scratches and bruises
dead grass plus sliding equals bad scratches.
this year Ben was smart enough to bring an extra roll of plastic to put at the end of ours to prevent grass scratches but somehow it still happens.
and maybe next time we'll think of a better way to hold down the tarp because those bricks are not the softest things to hit while you're sliding down at high speeds.
proof: Matt's arm bruise
and my butt bruise.
no bueno.
hazard #5: sunburn
Matt wouldn't dry off and let me re-apply sunblock on him so i sprayed him while he walked around which ended up in a very splotchy and painful sunburn.

good thing the only thing you can remember the next time you pull the slip and slide out is all the amazing fun you had or you would never slip and slide again.


Meg - The Kissy Pearl said...

This looks like sooo much fun!! :D

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