Monday, June 27, 2011

fully charged

on saturday we went to the Ringling Brothers circus with Steven and Chelsa as a birthday celebration for Steven.
Circus 044
Circus 045
i had never been to a circus before so i didn't really know what it would be like but now i am totally a fan of circuses!
who knew they were so fun?!
i guess you can't go wrong when you have a bunch of craziness going on.
Circus 001
and fire juggling.
Circus 011
and strong men.
Circus 026
and horses walking on their hind legs.
(who the heck knew horses could do that??)
Circus 022
all my favorite parts were when they did tricks with animals.
the tigers were amazing!
Circus 047
and seriously, what kind of a guy will get into a big cage with 12 tigers surrounding him?
that guy must be insane but he made them do all kinds of cool things!
jump around and lay down and roll over.
Circus 053
and stand up.
Circus 061
and have a little fight with one
(like i said, the man is insane)
Circus 064
and then the last tiger went jumping on his hing legs out of the cage.
Circus 067
it is so crazy what we make animals do for our amusement.
the elephants were probably my favorite.
they're just so cute and big and funny!
Circus 086
shhhh they're sleeping.
Circus 092
so cute when they dance!
Circus 099
and sit like people.
Circus 104
Circus 105
i just couldn't get enough of those elephants!
Matt's favorite were the bouncy guys.
Circus 110
he told me he wants a pair of their shoes so if he ever gets in a fight with someone he can just jump over them.
don't know why he would be getting in a fight or why the person he's fighting would let him put those shoes on before the fight begins but whatever.
i just think it would be hilarious to see someone jumping down the sidewalk with those things as you drive by.
and who doesn't love a good catapolted human fireball?
Circus 080
Circus 082
i'm pretty sure all four of us sat there with our jaws dropped for most of the show and that, my friends, is the sign of a GOOD show!
it was a blast!
i'm totally making Matt take me to another one real soon!

ps. here's the trailer for the show but be warned, the song will stick in your head worse than the Small World song.


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