Thursday, November 3, 2011

on to the next one

last of the halloween pics!

ewoks with the nephews
Halloween 2011 with nephews
Trey and "Comfy Bear"
ewoks with batman, robin, skeleton, peter pan, wendy and tinkerbell
the little shark "Fin" 

i'm so sad halloween is over but i guess i'll move on to the next celebration.
Matt and i will be married for 5 years next week.
holy cow!
and to celebrate we're going on a little mini vacation and of course that means that i got sick this week.
i now have 2 days to get better. UGH!
dear sore throat, i hate your guts! you're the worst thing in the entire world! i hate being reminded of you every time i swallow! 
so yesterday i decided to stick it to mr. sore throat and downed like 500 gallons of water (no joke), hot soup, nasty airborne tablets and Matt even brought home my secret sore throat weapon- caramel apple spice from starbucks.
seriously, every sore throat i've had since high school has been cured within days of consuming one of those delicious beverages.
then last night i took some nyquil and Matt tucked me in for a good night's sleep....NOT.
turns out even sick and full of nyquil i don't sleep but i still got up this morning and my sore throat is slightly less annoying than it was yesterday.
hallelujah! thank you caramel apple spice!
hopefully another 2 days of the exact same routine will cure me for a fun filled vacation.

now i'm gonna go make some lists.
i'm probably the only one who does this but i like to make a crazy number of lists before a trip.
don't want to forget anything ya know.
especially when you're gonna be within 5 minutes of a store.
i'm a weird person. 


AZ Larsens said...

You are part of an elite group of list makers. In fact, I will add you to the list of list-makers. Feel special now.

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