Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anniversary Trip

so Matt and i took our little anniversary trip to Show Low, AZ and it was awesome!
we haven't been on a relaxing vacation for 2 years. 2 freaking years.
i know, insane.
so all the tv watching and food eating and sleep sleeping was much needed.
but before all that happened we helped my parents out a little and moved all their furniture into the cabin and winterized a bit.

Matt also helped chop wood...while i laughed.

he got the hang of it after a while though. 
(sorry for the wind)

but after all the chores were done and my parents left the real fun began.

P1020831 edit
that's right, we busted out the snuggies and the salsa verde doritos and had ourselves a party.
but then this happened.
Matt was seriously so sad about this he made me take a picture of it.
Padme gave him some snuggles to make him feel better.
the best part of the trip was how cold it was up there!
even though i was sick i soaked up every minute of cold weather i could and we got to do fun things like wear gloves and beanies and make a fire in the wood stove.
we are such city kids.
and Padme just loved every minute of the cold.
notice she is sitting in the exact spot the heater would hit her.
and of course before we left we had to take a jumping picture.
which turned out hilarious but a little blurry because of the self timer nonsense but don't worry, Matt's got you covered.


AZ Larsens said...

haha! We watched the chopping wood clips and JJ said, "He missed it..." all sad the first time, but then was very happy that he finally did it in the second video. GO MATT!

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