Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Making Of

so i wanted to show a little bit of how we made our ewok costumes this year.
remember when i told you mine was going to be made out of a twin size blanket?
i'm terrible at taking pictures to document my projects because i get on a roll and forget all about taking pictures but i have some.
we started by buying a pattern for a jumpsuit which i thought would be super duper helpful but instead it only reminded of how much i HATE HATE DOUBLE HATE patterns!
they never work for me.
i do much better when i make up my own thing.
so i started with the pattern and then ditched it along the way.
lots of sewing and trying on and sewing and trying on
and after a lot of sewing and a lot of getting mad at the stupid bleeping pattern and fixing what i hated about the stupid bleeping pattern i finished the biggest part of the costume.
then i had to put on the tummy piece.
again i went the cheap route and cut out a piece of fabric from a snuggie we found at the thrift store.
Padme thought i felt so fuzzy
so with the suit part of my costume complete i moved on to the hoods.
Matt wanted his hood to go around his arms and all the way down to his waist to cover up the fact that he was wearing a sweatsuit. 
(he didn't want me to make him a full on ewok onesie like mine. weirdo.)
so we cut out face holes and measured and tried on and sewed and cut them to our liking.
P1020607 edit
and then i made ears and hand stitched those on top of the hoods.
and then all the hoods needed were the little leather stitches.
and we were done!
Matt also ended up making himself a tooth necklace and arrowhead with sculpey and leather straps so he would look extra ewok-y.
even though we didn't go all out with these costumes like last year's Toy Story ones i still think they're pretty amazing!
plus, i gave myself a big pat on the back for making my whole ewok onesie all by myself!
i really wasn't sure if i would be able to do it.
only downside to our costumes was that we were called all kinds of things throughout the night.
bears. kangaroos. puppies.
but the best thing i was called all night was Comfy Bear.
my nephew Trey told me i was so comfortable to hug that that's what i must be for halloween.
it's so true.
making my onsie out of a fleecy blanket was the best idea ever!


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