Monday, November 14, 2011

trailer and stuff

the first day back at work after a vacation is absolutely the worst!
all day i've just felt like uuuuggghhhhhhhh.....
that also might have something to do with the migraine that's been bothering me for the past couple days.
that's right, i start off the vacation with a cold and then finish it off with a migraine.
oh and Matt finally caught my cold too so he spent all day yesterday laying on the couch.
i think we might need to take a little vacation from our vacation.
good thing Thanksgiving is only a week away!

also...the Hunger Games trailer came out today.
i'm completely torn after seeing this trailer.
is it gonna be good? are they gonna ruin Hunger Games for me?
i can't decide!
i thought i would like the actress they picked for Katniss but after watching this i'm not so sure.
i think movie Peeta is uuuuuugly. good thing i'm team Gale.
the sets look pretty cool.
Haymitch doesn't look anything like i pictured.
my plan is to not think too much about it so i can be pleasantly surprised when it comes out.
that always works out better than having high expectations and being let down.


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