Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mustaches Forever

i have the best hubsy!
he spent all last saturday making me the coolest hoodie in the universe! THE UNIVERSE!
i seriously can't stop wearing it.
i saw a picture of it in internetland a while ago and got all wide eyed and said "must. have. now."
ya know like in that robot voice.
never have i seen an article of clothing that screamed NIKKI as much as this.
i love love LOVE it!
but seriously, who wouldn't??


Chase and Amy said...

AHHHHHH! LOOOOVE! AHHHHHH!!!! <3 That is SO you.

BrioMex said...

Hey, I was surfing in the net searching a "You always make me smile" picture and I found your blog. It looks so.... Happy. Hahahaha. Nice job, it seems like you have a really nice family, so congrats to you and the rest of your family. BTW I'm from México, so ignore my spelling and grammar errors.

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