Thursday, December 1, 2011


heyyyyo it's december and i cannot even believe it!
where the heck did november go??
even arizona seems to know it's december because i woke up this morning to cloudy skies and a slight drizzle.
and i even woke up with the blanket still on me this morning.
yeah usually the blanket is just there for looks so i was utterly delighted!

along with good weather and christmas, december brings Two Peas in a Space Pod's first sponsor!
woot woot!
"Hi!! I'm Meg.
I'm engaged to my best friend, raising a rescue pup named after a baseball player, & going to school full-time. I love "Americanized" Asian food, sleeping-in, & daydreaming. The Kissy Pearl is a little blog I started as a journal to my future self - something to look back on when i am "grown up"."

Meg is such a cute girl! seriously, you will love her!
and i'm a sponsor this month over at The Kissy PearlTea Talk and Talk2TheTrees!
go check it out!

now i have to jet because i opened my Two Peas in a Space Pod Etsy shop this week and i have some orders to be made and shipped!
oh you didn't know my shop opened up?
well check that out too!!
it's an exciting time in the Two Peas world right now!


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