Wednesday, August 3, 2011

shark attire

i have been so crazy busy this week i haven't even had a chance to post about my most favoritest week of all time.
that's right, it's...
is everyone ready for this year's shark week attire?
last year i had the jammies and the shirt, both of which i still wear and love to pieces.
so it would just seem wrong to not keep the shirt making tradition alive.
Matt and i spent all last Saturday making shirts including this guy!
Shirt Making 032
awesome right?
we used freezer paper to make the stencil instead of using our screen printer since we were only making one shirt.
it didn't come out totally perfect since it was our first time using the freezer paper but i still love it!

quick break down of the process.
we printed the image out on the freezer paper and Matt used his steady hand skillz to cut it out with an x-acto knife.
Shirt Making 003
then you place it veeeeery carefully on the shirt and iron it to stick it down.
Shirt Making 013
then you paint on the fabric paint and try to make sure the freezer paper doesn't pucker so the paint doesn't seep under and mess up the design.
do as many coats as needed.
Shirt Making 014
Shirt Making 016
wait for it to dry then peel off the freezer paper and put a cloth over and iron to seal.
Shirt Making 018
and voila!
Shirt Making 031
then you take a bunch of pictures of yourself with your new sharkie shirt and include your mustache decal on your mirror!
Shirt Making 022 edit
too awesome for words.


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