Tuesday, August 23, 2011

sleepy face

i've completely forgotten what sleep feels like.
i know i've had insomnia forever but i haven't slept in days. that's right, DAYS!
i don't know if it's the new medication i'm on or what but it's impossible.
i'm too hot or can't get comfy or something is too bright or Matt sits up to roll over and scares the crap out of me (happened last night) or i have to pee or puppy shakes or i'm constantly thinking or whateverrrrrr.
at least i can download my work at 6:00 AM and get started on it.
i have a feeling the house will be very clean after today because of all the extra time i'm going to have.

and yes, i do wear a chuck norris shirt to sleep in.
oh nikki is so cool!


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