Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AC dilemma

as if arizona isn't bad enough during the summer we had the privilege of finding out what it would be like to not have AC at all in August.
what fun!
at around 2:00 AM i was feeling extra hot and miserable and i thought i might be sick.
ya know that feeling when you had a fever and it broke and you wake up all sweaty and sticky?
that's exactly how i felt.
and after an hour of feeling that way i finally decided this couldn't just be me feeling sick so i drag myself out of bed to check the thermostat and find it at 85 degrees.
yeah, awesome.
i woke Matt up and he checked the main vent and flipped the breakers and i got a big glass of ice water and grabbed another fan for our room to make it a little less horrible so we could get a couple more hours of sleep.
i was hoping that in the morning the AC would be magically fixed and all would be well but that didn't happen.
Matt went to work and i do what i always do when we have a big problem around our house, call my genius of a father.
he always knows what to do.
so i called him and told him what was going on and he told me he knew of a guy he trusted and would find his number for me.
long story short, the awesome AC repair guy was able to come out within just a few hours and find the problem which turned out to be super simple and cheap to fix.
*enter chorus of angels here*
i only had to deal with the ridiculous heat while i worked for a few hours and with a group of fans pointed at me during that time it really wasn't too terrible.
i even pointed one at Padme because i'm a good mama and i felt so bad for her with all that furriness.
plus Matt was nice enough to come pick me up for lunch so i could cool off for a bit.
he loves me!
now the house is cooling down again and it feels like a dreeeeeam.
so the moral of this story is...
arizona is unbearable during the summer but especially without AC and i'm so beyond glad that our prayers were answered and it was a problem that was easy to fix and didn't cost a katrillion dollars.


AZ Larsens said...

Whew!! I was scared there for a minute because you never know with A/C' could be a cheap fix or it could be a $2,000 problem and there's no way you can live without it in this stupid desert. Yay for Matt! What a good hubby!

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