Thursday, August 4, 2011


ya know when you're a kid and you think being a grown up is gonna be so awesome?
you'll finally be able to jump on your bed
and eat ice cream before dinner
and watch tv all the time
and drive
and buy things
and play with your food
and stay up late
and have money
and eat whatever you want
and play with your friends
but then when you finally get there you realize that being a grown up SUCKS!
you have to work all the time
and pay bills
and make dinner
and run errands
and clean your house
and you never have money
and don't ever get time to play
and worst of have to make decisions.
when you're a kid decisions are simple.
like do i or do i not take a cookie from the cookie jar.
when you're a grown up it seems like every decision you make is a huge life altering decision that makes your heart race and breathing impossible and panic sets in and you want to kill yourself.
maybe this is just me since i'm the WORST decision maker EVER.
i hate it. loathe it entirely actually.
when i have to make a really difficult decision it makes me wish fortune tellers were real so i could have them look at my hand lines and tell me exactly what i'm suppose to do.
but with my luck my hand lines would probably say something like "ask again later" and then i'd still be screwed.
i also wish pro/con lists actually worked for me.
my lists always say the same things on both sides because i make myself see the good and bad in every point.
i'm sure you can imagine how frustrating that is.
if anyone has a magical decision making machine out there and wants to lend it to me for a couple days that would be swell.


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