Friday, September 2, 2011


time to share how this week went with my new diet.
it started off reaaaaaaally crappy.
in that extra long post i said i had made it almost 2 full days sugar/carb free and felt exhausted and not any better than before.
in fact i felt worse, much much worse. i was like a walking zombie.
i was tired and grumpy and had a constant migraine and was starving and sad. so sad.
obviously that didn't work. i didn't like feeling that way and, let's face it, nobody wants to be near me when i'm that way.
so for a couple days i gave in and ate carbs and started feeling better and now... my plan is changing up a tiny bit.
i'm still trying to not eat sugars and carbs in the form of cookies and breads and candy and rice and crap like that but i need more natural sugars in my diet to balance out the work that the metformin does.
right now i'm doing this by adding more fruit into my diet. sometimes in the morning i'll make really yummy smoothies with coconut milk and berries with a little peanut butter thrown in there for protein. (and because i really love peanut butter.)
they are so delish! Matt even has me make him one in the morning too.
i've also started eating a snack in the afternoon that consists of a handful of mixed nuts and a couple dried apricots or some other fruit.
again, delicious and helps keep my blood sugar balanced throughout the day.
it's working well so far. i can go days without needing to just flat out eat carbs but i do if i start feeling extra sick so i can bring my blood sugar up fast.
i think i'm actually starting to get the hang of this metabolic syndrome diet thingy-ma-do.

and now, just for funzies, a little rant.
now that my diet basically consists of meat, veggies and fruit Matt and i find it incredibly hard to go out anywhere.
can't go fast food because they always have milk in everything and usually it's a carb overload.
can't go to a restaurant unless all i want to eat is salad with no cheese or creamy dressing.
and personally, i find it stupid to go out to a restaurant and pay $10 for a salad i could've made at home for free.
so we eat at home. always.
it's a huge bummer.
it makes me laugh at those people that are allergic to gluten and make a huge deal out of it.
i just look and them and think "really? you're really complaining to ME about that?"
every single grocery store now has a special area dedicated to gluten free foods.
pastas and baked goods. even bisquick has a specific gluten free kind now.
and most restaurants offer gluten free meals too.
i mean, i'm sure it sucks to live a gluten free life.
in fact, i know it sucks because i basically do.
but i also live a lactose free life and a sugar free life and besides a little complaining about it here on my blog i don't really make it a big deal.
i'm allowed to complain here because i'm basically just complaining to myself but in a setting where there's a bunch of family or friends around, i don't talk about it because this is just how i do things now and that's that.
so gluten free people, suck it up and realize how good you actually have it.
end of rant!

now i'm gonna go hurry through my work because hubsy got the day off work so we're gonna do something fun today!


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