Thursday, September 22, 2011

A to Z

so i've been seeing this all over in blogland this week and i want to play!

A: Age:  23
B: Bed size:  king
C: Chore that you hate:  cleaning the shower. it's so awkward.
D: Dogs:  i love my Padme!
E:  Essential start to your day: breakfast. i love me some breakfast food. ron swanson and i have that in common.
F: Favorite color:  lime ricky
G: Gold or silver:  silver
H: Height:  5'3'' i'm a shorty
I: Instruments you play:  piano
J: Job title:  transcriptionist of amazing ability
K: Kids:  just a puppy. she's my baby.
L: Live:  in arizona but someday somewhere awesome
M: Mother's name:  if i put her real name she'll kill me so...june
N: Nicknames:  nik, nini, kikki, honey bunches
O: Overnight hospital stays:  long time ago for not being able to breathe. good reason right?
P: Pet peeve:  when Matt eats at the computer and gets crumbs all over my keyboard. ugh!
Q: Quote from a movie:  "empire records open 'til midnight this is Mark...MIDNIGHT!"
R: Right or left handed:  righty
S: Siblings:  four of them
T: Time you wake up:  when i feel like it...not really
U: Underwear:  could be more comfortable
V: Vegetable you hate:  those little tiny baby corns
W: What makes you run late:  Matt
X: X-rays you've had:  chest, teeth, arm, collar bone
Y: Yummy food that you make:  pizza rolls
Z: Zoo animal:  penguins!


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